Why is content so important? 

Because content is the new normal.

It's no secret: content is key. It is your public face, the branding of your organization. It structures the design of your website, your videos, graphic design, and newsletters. Content fuels your social media - it's what your viewers share, and it is absolutely crucial for search engine optimization (SEO). 

If we truly account for the quantity and importance of all of the content needed, we soon realize that we are essentially dealing with all websites as content machines.

What is content strategy and how can El Tigre help me?

Content strategy is the master plan for the creation, publication, and maintenance of useful, effective content. An excellent strategy will ensure that your content matches your organization's needs and mission, that it communicates, it is up-to-date, and accessible. At El Tigre, we listen to your vision and goals. We then guide you through a process that results in a website with content that inspires and engages your audience. 

OK, but what is content strategy really?

Content strategy is when you scream - eureka! We want to make this amazing website! But then you wonder: How will our website tell our story best? Who is the audience? How will it reach them? And how do we keep the audience engaged?

It's when you're in the middle of building your new website and you realize - woah - I only have a few pieces of content! How am I going to populate my site? And, by the way, what is information architecture? And I'm not a visual person - how can I make sure everything looks good?

It's when your super busy team suddenly has to manage a new website, create videos and articles, produce tons of social media, and publish a newsletter. And you wonder: how do we do all of this? 

When should I bring in a content strategist?

The sooner the better! As soon as you begin building a new website or take on a new project, we will help you address the key questions surrounding your project and develop a clear strategy for how to meet your goals. The sooner a strategy is in place, the less headaches you'll have later!

Does content strategy only deal with content? 

Nope. We look at your whole organization and make sure that your content fits with your larger goals, that it tells your story, and that it is sustainable for the long run. This means working with your team to develop new skills and roles; working with your web designers to match your your design to your goals/mission; and working with outside vendors to build your content. 

Do you just create a plan and then walk away?

We're strategists but we're also makers. We create plans AND help you implement them. Much of what we do is work with you to customize the plan to make sure you can sustainably run your website.